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Corbin Fanning T-Th 2:40-4:05 Positive Criticism of the Length, Detail, and Restrictiveness of the Texas Constitution The Texas Constitution is very often criticized for its extreme length, detail, and restrictiveness. The present Texas Constitution is the 1876 constitution that was drafted in the summer of 1875 in Austin. This constitution was made in a time when government wasn’t trusted, and the idea was to restrict as much as possible that could be allowed by the U.S Constitution.(Brown, Langenegger, Garcia, Lewis, Biles 2006, pg. 69) Inevitably with these huge amounts of detail in the Texas Constitution it would create the need for many amendments to compensate. This is evident, in that the U.S. Constitution has 27 amendments while the Texas Constitution has been amended 432 times. So the next question is, how has the Texas Constitution lasted so long? If there are so many problems with the Texas Constitution how has it lasted more that 130 years? Some may argue that the constitution shouldn’t have lasted this long. I agree that the way the constitution
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