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Woodrow Wilson - Corbin Fanning Hist 1302 MWF 11-11:45...

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Corbin Fanning Hist 1302 MWF 11-11:45 5/13/09 Bailey argues that due to President Woodrow Wilson’s character and inability to look at the big picture, his cherished League of Nations was shredded to pieces right before his very eyes. In Thomas A. Bailey’s article, “Woodrow Wilson Wouldn’t Yield”, his argument that Wilson’s fourteen points and most notably the League of Nations wasn’t passed not just because of the points themselves . But because of Wilson’s failure to see that with little changes and revisions to his plans, the League would have fallen through, instead of pitfall in the Senate like it did. Bailey also argues that Wilson’s character, in that his huge desire for morality and idealism, was also much to blame for his stubbornness in keeping the League of Nations un- revised or compromised upon. Something that stood out for me personally in this essay was Wilson’s desire to make his appearance in France during the Allied treaty agreements. Wilson felt as though his 14 points where so important that he needed to be there to see them through. He was the first President in
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