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Clinical Psych-Animal mental disorders - be related to any...

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A nonhuman animal can suffer from a mental disorder. Inclusion criteria: For a mental disorder to be present in a human or a nonhuman there has to be at least one of three inclusion criteria; present distress, disability, and increased risk. Present distress refers to a painful or upsetting situation for the animal. To be disabled the human or animal must have some impairment in at least one or more of these areas of functioning: relationship, school, work or family. And the final inclusion criterion is an increased risk of pain, disability, a significant loss of freedom, or suffering from death. Exclusion criteria: In order for something to be diagnosed as a mental disorder it cannot
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Unformatted text preview: be related to any of the three exclusion criteria. First the disorder cannot be an expectable reaction to a specific event. The symptoms of the disorder cannot be because of a deviant behavior specifically of a political, religious or sexual minority group. And finally there cannot be a conflict between the individual and society or in other words it cannot be a behavior the individual chooses to engage in within their constitutional rights. Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria for a mental disorder it is possible for a nonhuman animal to have a mental disorder....
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