BioPsych Assign. 2

BioPsych Assign. 2 - Christina Carr Intro. To Brain and...

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Christina Carr Intro. To Brain and Behavior 031:12:A06 Dr. Lee December 13, 2007 Affects of Simplex Encephalitis on Memory The following information was taken from an article written by Lisa Stefanacci, Elizabeth A. Buffalo, Heike Schmolck, and Larry R. Squire entitled “Profound Amnesia After Damage to the Medial Temporal Lobe: A Neuroanatomical and Neuropsychological Profile of Patient E. P”. The article was printed in the Journal of Neuroscience on September 15, 2000. Patient E.P. was born in 1922 in California where he completed twelve years of education. He is right handed and currently resides in San Deigo County. He is married with two adult children. E.P was diagnosed with herpes simplex encephalitis in 1992 when he was 70 years old after he began to show flu-like symptoms and some memory loss. His symptoms seemed to disappear until his memory again worsened and he was hospitalized. After treatment E.P.’s appetite decreased significantly which caused a weight loss of around twenty to thirty pounds. Nearly a year later E.P.’s state began to stabilize but memory impairment has remained constant to this day. Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is very rare. It is unclear how the virus enters the brain; some studies show evidence of the virus entering through the bloodstream and others show the entrance of the virus as through the nervous system. But none of these studies have been conclusive enough to clearly prove the path the virus uses to enter the brain. Upon entry into the brain HSE causes significant swelling and initially gathers in
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BioPsych Assign. 2 - Christina Carr Intro. To Brain and...

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