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psych 209 research paper

psych 209 research paper - Social referencing is a form of...

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Social referencing is a form of secondary intersubjectivity where children look at their caregivers for cues, such as smiles or frowns, about how they should react to an unfamiliar situation or object. They also look to see whether or not they should continue or stop a current action. Studies by Striano and Rochat show that older children develop selective social referencing and only look at adults for advice when adults are looking at them, because they understand that is the only time they can gather information from the adult’s facial expressions. It has also been shown that boys require more intense facial expressions of fear than girls for an adult to convey a sense of worry and concern. The children I observed where in various places around pyramid mall including the food court, the arcade room, and a car display. In the food court I saw an approximately 4-5 year old girl and her mother walking in front of an Aunt Annie’s pretzel place. A man was giving out free samples of pretzels, and he extended one to the
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