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Chris Bostick Dsoc 5/13/2009 Final Essay 1 The American society has a system where the social stratification favors white males over females and African American males. White men have a much greater probability of obtaining affluence regardless of marital status, while women only have a reasonable chance if married, and African Americans have a poor chance in any situation. There are also notable variations in IQ that are falsely attributed to biological factors. Herrnstein and Summers believe that intrinsic differences are the reason for these discrepancies; however, I believe it is apparent that these differences arise from the dissimilar treatment in society due to defined social categories. In most of these situations, the removal of these differences eliminates the social differences, and better equalizes the social stratification. Race is a social category defined solely on ones outward appearance, and is completely conceptually based. On a genetic basis the differences between races can be discounted because of the similarities we share. Thus, Herrnstein’s claims that African
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dsoc final essay - Chris Bostick Dsoc Final Essay 1 The...

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