test 2 review - Ch. 5 Vocabulary: Artistic Director- person...

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Ch. 5 Vocabulary: Artistic Director- person in charge for all creative and artistic activities for resident and repertory companies. Auteur (author) Director- A director who believes that his or her role is to be the author of a production. An auteur director’s point of view dominates that of the playwright, and the director may make textual changes and modifications. Blocking- Pattern and arrangement of performers’ movements onstage with respect to each other and to the stage space, usually set by the director. Director: America’s definition-The person responsible for the overall unity of a production and for coordinating the work of contributing artists. Equivalent to the British Producer and the French metteur-en-scene. Dramaturg - Literary manager or dramatic adviser of a theater company Front of the house – all of the nonproduction elements of the theater space that relate to the audience’s experience, including the auditorium, lobby, and box office. Producer - In American usage, the person responsible for the business side of the production In British usage the producer is the equivalent to the American director. Run through – rehearsal of the whole production in the order is will be presented. Spine – a characters dominant desire or motivation Stage manager – person who coordinates all the rehearsals for the director and runs the actual show during its performances. Stage picture – visual composition: how an entire scene onstage will appear to the
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test 2 review - Ch. 5 Vocabulary: Artistic Director- person...

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