4180t2as - Score: _ Name:_ EE 4180 Test II Test is open...

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Score: _________________ Name:_______________________________________________ EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and notes. Place all answers in the spaces provided. 1. (10%) _ SOPC ______ ( acronym ) systems use an FPGA chip and memory to build an embedded computer system. A ___ device___ ___driver ____ is the name for the lowest level software routine in an Operating system that talks directly to a specific type of I/O device. The P4 processor contains dynamically scheduled pipelines with up to __ 20+or 30+(new P4) _ stages. The __ Southbridge __ chip on a PC motherboard connects to the PCI bus and provides the legacy ISA bus signals. 2. (10%) In general, what is needed to build a USB peripheral interface? Microcontroller with RAM/ROM and USB firmware to encode and decode USB packets 3. (10%) What is the significance of a WinMain procedure in a Windows application. What does it have to do and contain? It is the main entry point for a Windows application. It typically sets up, creates, and displays the main window. It must also contain a Windows messaging loop that translates and dispatches messages to the Window. 4. (10%) What is a message dispatch table and why is it sometimes used in Win32 programs? A message dispatch table is an array of pointers to each procedure used in the Windows call back procedure for each message. It is used instead of a long case statement for faster execution time. 5.
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4180t2as - Score: _ Name:_ EE 4180 Test II Test is open...

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