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Unformatted text preview: Score: _________________ Name:_______________________________________________ EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and notes. Place all answers in the spaces provided. 1. (10%) What are the difference and tradeoffs in a hard vs. soft IP core in FPGAs? Soft IP cores use the FPGA’s internal logic they are more flexible but have lower performance than a custom VLSI layout. Hard IP cores have a custom VLSI layout and have higher speed, lower power, and less chip area but offer less flexibility. 2. (10%) What is a USB SIE and why is it needed? Explain SIE is the Serial Interface Engine. Hardware must be used to support the high clock rates needed for parallel to serial and serial conversion between the USB bus and the USB microcontroller. 3. (10%) Write a C WIN32 API call to create a new button labeled “Real Big Feature” in a window with the handle hwndA and with a control identifier of ID_BIGBTN. The button can be any typical size and location. HWND hc3; hC3 = CreateWindowEx (WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, TEXT ("button"), TEXT ("&Real Big Feature"), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON, lpcs->cx-50, lpcs->cy - 25, 50, 25, hWndA, (HMENU)ID_BIGBTN, hInst, NULL); 4. (15%) Where and how would the new code action to associate with the new button above be placed. Explain exactly how control would flow through the OS and various user programs to get to the new code after the button is hit. It would be added to the case statement or to the message dispatch table lookup function in the Windows Callback function. The OS would detect a button event and send a message, the WinMain windows messaging loop would translate and dispatch the message. The Windows callback procedure would then decode the message in a case statement or a message dispatch table lookup operation to activate the new code for the button. 5. 5....
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4180t2bs - Score: _________________

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