4180t2cs - Score Name EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and...

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Score: _________________ Name:_______________________________________________ EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and notes. Place all answers in the spaces provided. 1. (10%) If you need a processor and a fair amount of custom logic in a single chip system, what are the major (development time, money, speed) tradeoffs to consider between an ASIC or an SOPC solution? ASIC has long development times, million dollar mask setup fees (need large quantity to recover costs) low production cost, higher speed, and lower power SOPC has short development time, no mask fees, moderate production cost, moderate speed and power. 2. (10%) What is a BSP and why is it a handy thing to have? Explain A board support (software) package includes a boot loader and drivers for a specific board’s hardware. It makes it easier to generate a new OS kernel for the board. You do not need to develop the device drivers for the board. 3. (5%)___Platform Builder_______________ is the tool used to build a new Windows CE kernel. 4. (5%) Write a C WIN32 API call to create a text window inside an existing window with the parent handle hwnmy, a menu handle of ID_TEXTSCROLL and with a new window handle, hS2. Make the text scroll in the window. Use a default size and location to fill the main window. hS2 = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, TEXT ("edit"), TEXT (""), WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_VSCROLL | ES_MULTILINE | ES_AUTOHSCROLL | ES_READONLY, 0, nHeight, lpcs->cx,lpcs->cy -nHeight, hwnmy,(HMENU)ID_SCRTEXT, hInst, NULL); an example can be found in the CE chat receive text window 5. (15%) How and why are threads used in the Windows chat example we discussed in class? Include synchronization issues and methods. Two additional threads are used since you need to display incoming text messages and send outgoing text messages in parallel with handling normal windows message events in WinMain. The read thread runs whenever incoming data arrives. The send thread runs when the send button is pushed. To synchronize
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4180t2cs - Score Name EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and...

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