4180t2es - Score: _ Name:_ EE 4180 Test II Test is open...

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Score: _________________ Name:_______________________________________________ EE 4180 Test II Test is open book and notes. Place all answers in the spaces provided. 1. (5%) A ____ SDK_ ___ is used by applications developers so that they can develop standalone code for a new OS (without having to build it or understand the OS build operation) 2. (5%)A _______ _Stream Interface_ ________________________ driver is the easiest and most common approach to writing a device driver that consumes and produces data. 3. (15%) From a software perspective, what happens when you plug in a new USB device into a computer running CE? Include a brief description of any critical programs and data structures involved. When a new USB device is plugged in using a special process called enumeration, the host detects the addition of a new device and interrogates the inserted device to determine its USB Product ID and Vendor ID (PID/VID). The PID/VID information allows the host to search for and load the appropriate driver for the new device. The host then issues a set address command to assign an address to the new device. Operating systems typically include a driver to initialize the USB device and then search for the specific USB device driver needed. In CE, the USB device’s PID/VID and the associated driver info is stored in the registry. 4. (10%) What types of APIs are available to synchronize threads in CE? CE provides several synchronization objects that enable you to synchronize a
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4180t2es - Score: _ Name:_ EE 4180 Test II Test is open...

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