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Unformatted text preview: 1. Yes, it is possible to develop a technique to compress any text file down to one byte. However, by compressing the file down to one byte, some or a lot of the data contained in the file would be lost. In the example above, the original text was perfectly readable. The first pass was also readable but a little bit harder because symbols were used in parts of the sentence. Then the second and third passes were practically unreadable because the symbols were not given. Finally, the fourth pass which is similar to compressing the data to one byte, was totally unreadable and had only one symbol representing the whole sentence. This example shows that by compressing the data to one byte, most of the data was lost in the translation. 2. No, it would not be possible to decompress the file from one byte. This is because when the original text was compressed down to one byte, most of the data was lost. When trying to get the original file back from that one byte, it is impossible to translate all of the data. This results in errors in the original file when trying to decipher the data. Also, in trying to re-build the file from one byte, the software or technique used would have to be flawless in the shrinking the original text to one byte. Only then would it be possible to get the original file back. This however, is almost impossible to create. 3. No, his company is not a good place to invest money. There seem to be many flaws in the technique he has developed. Any tries to compress the file down to one byte is too good to be true. I would not waste on any ideas such as this because otherwise, everyone would be saving money by doing this. ...
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