prelim 1 review - AN SC 300: Prelim 1 Review Epithelial...

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Unformatted text preview: AN SC 300: Prelim 1 Review Epithelial tissues Classified based on: shape of epithelial cells number of cell layers surface modifications Types: simple squamous, simple cuboidal, simple columnar (with or without cilia), stratified squamous, transitional, pseudostratified ciliated columnar Tubular organ Layers: lumen, mucosa, submucosa, muscularis (circular and longitudinal smooth muscle layers) Female Anatomy Ovary Functions: production of ova and hormones (estrogen & progesterone) CL also produces oxytocin, relaxin, activin & inhibin 2 areas: medulla central; houses vasculature, nerves & lymphatics cortex outer edge; site of follicle development Primordial follicle primary follicle secondary follicle tertiary (developing antral) follicle antral follicle ovulating follicle corpus hemoragicum CL corpus albicans Infundibulum Function: capturing newly ovulated oocytes Funnel-like terminal end of the oviduct Covered with fimbriae velvety, finger-like projections that increase surface area and cause infundibulum to glide/slip over entire surface of ovary near ovulation Oviduct = Ampulla + Isthmus Function: transport of newly ovulated oocyte and sperm to site of fertilization Ampulla : site of fertilization mucosa has many fern-like mucosal folds with ciliated epithelium Isthmus : muscular portion of the oviduct with few mucosal folds Uterus Functions: sperm transport site of fetal development Epithelium = simple columnar Invaginated with endometrial glands that dip down into the stroma of the submucosa Muscularis = myometrium Submucosa + mucosa = endometrium Cervix Functions: close off tract during pregnancy sperm transport Muscularis = dense, fibrotic tissue Epithelium = ciliated & non-ciliated columnar Function of cilia: aid in removal of debris compensate for lack of smooth muscle Vagina 2 parts: anterior & posterior (vestibule) Anterior: attaches cranially to cervix creates blind pouch by cervix anterior cervical os/fornix vagina epithelium = simple columnar highly secretory Posterior: aka vestibule epithelium = stratified squamous site of copulation Comparative Anatomy Uterus Bicornuate #1: poorly to moderately developed uterine horns Mare: large uterine body, relatively small, undeveloped uterine horns...
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prelim 1 review - AN SC 300: Prelim 1 Review Epithelial...

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