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mycojeopardy review

mycojeopardy review - MYCOJEOPARDY A GAME TO AID REVIEW OF...

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MYCOJEOPARDY - A GAME TO AID REVIEW OF FUNGAL FACTS AND FANTASY - Midterm edition DOWN TO BASICS $100 These microscopic, seedlike bodies are the reproductive propagules of fungi SPORES $200 The first short hypha emerging from a germinating spore is called this. GERM TUBE $300 Fungus cultures tend to grow in circles which, on lawns, are obvious as these "things". FAIRY RINGS $400 These are three fundamental differences between fungi and animals OTHER than reproduction by spores CELLS WITH WALLS; SIMPLE ORGANIZATION, DIGESTION OUTSIDE OF VEGETATIVE BODY $500 These are three types of fruiting bodies that might form to produce spores developing from sexual recomb` ination. MUSHROOM, BRACKET FUNGUS, PUFFBALL, CUP FUNGUS, STINKHORN CLASSIFICATION FASCINATION $100 This man is responsible for developing our current binomial naming system for living organisms. LINEAUS $200 This Cornellian thought that FUNGI were one of three kingdoms arising from the PROTISTA WHITAKER $300 Illinois' Carl Woesse places the fungus kingdom within this hierarchy. Domain EUKARYA $400 Fungi differ from plants in these three fundamental and important ways. FUNGI = CELL WALLS WITH CHITIN, NO CHLOROPHYLL, SIMPLE ORGANIZATION; PLANS = CELL WALL WITH CELLULOSE, CHLOROPHYLL, COMPLEX CELLULAR ORGANIZATION $500 This Swedish "Grand Old Man of Mycology"laid the groundwork for current mycological taxonomy with publication of his Systemma Mycologicum. ELIAS FRIES NAME GAMES $100 This businessman turned self taught puffball expert was famous for belittling thepractice of putting authors' names after fungi C.G. LLOYD $200 This tedious document states the rules for naming newly discovered fungi INTERNATIONAL CODE OF BOTANICAL NOMENCLATURE $300 The rules in the document above state that the first description of a fungus must be in this language. LATIN $400 To name a fungus, you must convince the rest of the world that this part of the fungus body is different from other fungi that have already been described. Sexual fruiting structure; more
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