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Devon Siegel Comm 201 Section 6 Outside Speaker Report November 15, 2007 On Wednesday November 14, 2007, Christine Scott came to Cornell University to speak about the prematurity crisis in America. Christine Scott is health educator from Buffalo, New York. With a bachelor’s degree in health management from Indiana University, Christine works at the Buffalo Prenatal/Perinatal Health Center. Her purpose in coming to Cornell was to give an informative prsentation on prematurity and related topics including the March of Dimes and folic acid. This hour-long talk was given in a classroom in Goldwin Smith Hall to a small group of students. This group consisted almost entirely of students majoring in various sciences, most of whom were pre-med. The speech itself had no real introduction. She introduced herself and then jumped right into her first main point. This left the audience feeling a little disorganized initially. The first main point was about prematurity and about the various charities that relate to it. A premature birth is defined as a birth occurring before the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy, poor nutrition and inadequate weight gain during pregnancy and vigorous exercise during pregnancy can all cause prematurity. Prematurity affects over 470,000 babies, or about twelve percent of all live births, in the United States annually. It is the leading killer of newborns in the first month of life. It is also a major cause of lifelong disabilities such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, blindness and chronic lung problems. Within the first main point, Christine spoke about many prematurity-related charities. As the mother of a premature baby that did not make it, Christine helped set up a charity called Wings of Love. This charity helps parents with the burial costs of their premature babies. She
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also spoke about National Prematurity Awareness Month (November) and the various charity events going on during November in upstate New York which include free “mommy and baby fairs” and fundraisers. The second main point focused on the March of Dimes.
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outside speaker report - Devon Siegel Comm 201 Section 6...

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