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Test 2 Questions: -A *: means that I’m not sure it will be on the exam -The questions with more than one answer underneath them means that both were correct 1. In buyer behavior theory, a “Secret Agent Man” is likely to: a. Agree with the Salesperson, but undermine them behind their back 2. *Companies want their salespeople to pursue Relationship Selling in account where it makes sense, because? (all of the following) a. Helps turn sales calls into strategy b. Builds competitive barriers c. Reduces selling costs 3. a. Reseller 4. A modified re-buy describes what type of sales arrangement? a. Same vendor and same type of product 5. “Co-opetition” is said to exist when a company? a. Simultaneously competes and works with the same firms in the same overall market space 6. A company that organizes work efforts around cross functional teams rather than discreet jobs, is likely to be practicing? a. “Project-ization” 7. Missionary Salespeople? a. Influence buying decisions 8. When General Motors buys seats from Lear seating to put in cars it’s acting as a? a. Reseller b. Consumer c. M.R.O. d. O.E.M. e. None of the above 9. *When Ford Motor Company buys robot paint spraying equipment to paint its cars; it is acting as what kind of buyer? a. End User 10. Competency and relationship profile are two major components of which relationship selling model? a. Mutual Trust Model 11. The buying team you are selling to appears not to be serious about buying your product (or anyone else’s for that matter). This is an example of a buying team being composed of what buyer type? a. Fishermen
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12. In the consulting business, prospecting for and selling to new customers is often known as? a. Project Management b. New business development c. Glad handling d. Implementation e. None of the above 13. Which buyer type is most likely to exhibit the most interest in facts and logic? a. Analytical 14. Developing specifications and searching for qualified vendors, are the decision steps in the? a. Buying process 15. In the analysis of buying teams an “influencer” is most often driven by which motive? a. Power 16. A buyer type who is afraid to change anything is known as a? a. Tree Hugger 17. One way of analyzing buyers’ social styles is to divide them into? a.
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Test_2_Questions[1] - Test 2 Questions-A means that I'm not...

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