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Psychology 280 Lecture Notes – 3/25/08 Intuition, Reason, and the Heuristics of Judgment I. “Two systems” accounts of reasoning 1. “System 1” (analogous to “intuition”): automatic, effortless, parallel, quick, associationist; concrete. 2. “System 2” (analogous to “reason”): controlled, effortful, slow, serial, deductive; abstract II. The strategies and “heuristics” of everyday judgment 1. Heuristic - an effort saving rule-of-thumb procedure that produces usually accurate solutions to a problem, versus an algorithm - formal procedure that yields an exact, often unique, solution to a given problem 2. System 1 offers up certain assessments that are often co-opted to provide satisfactory, but imperfect, answers to challenging questions (that is, a heuristic is used as the basis of judgment). System 2 may (but often doesn’t) override, providing a more accurate algorithmic solution. III.
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