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Research Proposal 1. Research Question Has the abuse of internet become a threatening problem to the United States and other nations? 2. Answer to the research question / Possible thesis Yes. The abuse of the internet (can/will) become a leading cause of a failed country 3. Brief outline Intro- Introduce the internet and how it has changed the world for the better, then counter argue and give thesis statement Paragraph- web obsession (gambling, pornography) Paragraph- stalkers / sexual predators Paragraph- identity theft Paragraph- hackers, viruses
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph- violence Paragraph- almost impossible government control Paragraph- extreme disadvantage to older citizens Conclusion- recap and bring the reality of the extreme danger the web has on certain countries Side notes- Internet takes people away from the "real world" and put into a "virtual world"-Outdoor activities and sports being neglected. Decline in competitive sport-Laziness and health issues. Not eating/unhealthy eating. leads to an even greator number of obesity -Destroy friendships / relationships / family time -suicides...
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