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Rick Summers 5/13/09 America And Free Trade I’ve noticed that my opinion seems to continuously change as Friedman’s book progresses. At the start of The World Is Flat, I was deeply concerned about the idea of outsourcing. It didn’t strike me as a bad thing, but part of me asked how Americans could possibly hold on to their jobs in the near future. I was glad to see in this chapter that Friedman defended outsourcing and assured me that it was in fact a positive thing for Americans. By outsourcing jobs to other countries, such as India, we are actually helping ourselves. The more money India makes allows for a larger market. When Friedman discusses the free market he explains that India’s market China’s market and our market can all work together to help everyone gain. If more jobs are being created in more countries, “the pie will continue to grow.” If this pie keeps growing then it benefits everyone, especially Americans. More jobs can actually be created here due to outsourcing. After processing all the information Friedman laid out I couldn’t find myself
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