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© State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Training, 2013 Version 2 Topic 2: Develop project plans Contents Planning and development 1 Scope document 4 Schedule 5 Budget 6 Quality management plan 7 Risk management plan 8 Resource management plan 9 Communication management plan 10 Contract and procurement management plan 11 Project management tools 12 Finalising the project plan 16 More resource s 17
Topic 2: Develop project plans Version 2 1 © NSW DEC 2013 Planning and development Once a project has been defined and established, in the first phase of the project cycle, planning and development is undertaken. The main outcome of this second phase is the development of the project plan. This phase covers the following which will be outlined in the project plan: Establishment of the project team: this involves identifying the skills needed; assessing team members’ skills, allocating responsibilities to team members; and confirming the appointment of leaders for various components of the project. Establishment of the project infrastructure: this involves establishing reporting structures and may include the setting up of the project office. Confirmation of requirements: what needs confirming includes the system, contractors/suppliers, funding, resources, supporters, and stakeholders. Plan for obtaining outstanding requirements: outstanding requirements might include certain specific skills and knowledge required of the team and infrastructure. Review scope of project. Review broad strategy and finalisation of work breakdown structure. Identification and development of contracts. What is a project plan? The project plan is the blueprint that the project manager follows throughout the project. Project planning is a critical step in the successful management of the project and may take time to prepare. It may also need to undergo a number of revisions before it is finalised. Who develops the project plan? It is not just the project manager who formulates the project plan. The project team also needs to be involved. Involving the team in the planning stage is very important as people take responsibility and ownership for what they contribute to. A useful project plan would have the following components: Scope definition — defining what is to be done, where the project will be undertaken etc. Task definition — defining the work that needs to be done to achieve the project objectives.