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Lemon lab - tingling sensation on your tongue Yes we felt a...

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Jacob Murphy Reed Iacarella Katie Shandri Sect: A2 Due: 3/27/08 Taste and Feel of Electricity Purpose: To taste and feel a small current of electricity from a lemon. Procedure: 1. Obtain a lemon and roll it back and forth. 2. Insert paper clip into the lemon and attach a copper wire to the clip. 3. Place your tongue on the ends of the two wires. 4. Obtain a galvanometer and rest it on the table so it is horizontal and turn the box until the compass needle is parallel with the wire going across the box. 5. Attach the bell wire ends to the wires of the lemon. Observations/Data: We felt a small current of electricity when tasting the wires. When using the galvanometer the compass needles were parallel to the lemon. Questions: Do the wires taste metallic? Yes the wires taste metallic. DO you feel a slight
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Unformatted text preview: tingling sensation on your tongue? Yes we felt a slight tingling sensation. Can that small current from the lemon be detected with an electrical meter? Yes it can be detected with a galvanometer. What happens to the compass needle when the wires are attached to the wires from the lemon? The compass needles turn parallel to the lemon. Generalizations: A lemon can create a small current of electricity that can be tasted and felt. A lemon can make the needle on a galvanometer turn parallel to the lemon when attached. To make this observation better, try and do the same test with an orange or lime and see if it works....
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