In Fatih Akin�s Gegen Die Wand

In Fatih Akin�s Gegen Die Wand - Research and...

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Research and Analytical Term Paper: Gegen Die Wand In Fatih Akin’s Gegen Die Wand , there are many different conflicts within the film. Among these conflicts the culture clash of Turkey and Germany and the pressures and anxieties of being a German-Turk are reflected through Mise-en-Scene. Through the elements of Mise-en-Scene Akin portrays these pressures and anxieties but also intertwines them with the social web and interactions of the Turkish marriage process. This film is like a more realist version of Zwick’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding , as we follow the process of a Turkish marriage, but also how a younger generation can skew from the values and traditions of the previous generation. Cahit is a man who is lost in life, he has gone down self-destructive path of alcoholism and drug use. He works in his friend’s nightclub cleaning tables. One night Cahit decides to end his life by driving his car into a wall. Sibel is a woman who tries to commit suicide by cutting her wrists, because she is being smothered in Turkish Culture and lives with her ultra-traditional parents and she wants freedom. This film is about self-discovery and how these people find their identities amidst the chaos of both cultures. The opening scene of the film is a song done by a Turkish band, with a Female singer. These musicians are framed at 90 degrees and are placed so the backdrop is a river with a cityscape. There is a large carpet, which fills the screen where a pier or sand should be. This placement of this intricate carpet completes the scene and transforms it into a theatrical stage. In the distance of the backdrop the dome and the minarets of a
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In Fatih Akin�s Gegen Die Wand - Research and...

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