Kekexili - 10/12/07 Kekexili: Mountain Patrol [explored...

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10/12/07 Kekexili: Mountain Patrol [explored through the concept of Mise-en-Scene] The concept of mise-en-scene is most clearly defined by it’s direct translation, which is “put in the scene.” This refers to anything in the frame of the shot and the way the space in the frame is organized in order for the viewer to perceive. mise-en-scene is not only what is visually is perceived but it also pertains to sound. mise-en-scene is a way for the director of a film to translate their ideas and concepts into tangible visual and auditory information. In, Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (2004) mise-en-Scene is one of the primary ways that Director Chuan Lu constructs this film’s the major themes and elements of the film. The primary theme, as well as the heart of the film, is the concept of nature and the mountain. Lu uses mise-en-scene in order to speak to us not only of the abundant beauty in the mountains, but also to express how harsh they can be. He also uses mise-en-scene to show the brutality of the poachers against the Tibetan antelope. Another theme is religion, and how Buddhism plays a role in the patrol’s lives and also how it plays a role in the nation of Tibet. This film’s use of mise-en-scene to create a documentary style allows the film to leave a more lasting impression because the film does not have all of the Hollywood flare. This documentary-style makes it seem like it is real and that the director is telling the story to its utmost accuracy. This film was designed thematically and each of these themes is expressed effectively through Chuan Lu’s use of mise-en-scene.
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Kekexili - 10/12/07 Kekexili: Mountain Patrol [explored...

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