Prelim 1 2005 - Name:_ APPLIED AND FOOD MICROBIOLOGY 394...

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Name:________________________ APPLIED AND FOOD MICROBIOLOGY 394 PRELIMINARY EXAM 1 OCTOBER 4, 2005 PART I. MULTIPLE CHOICE (two (2) points each) Choose the ONE best answer for each question. 1. Salmonella samples are treated with tetrathionate broth for what reason? C A. Recovery of injured cells B. Nutrition for growth is provided C. Other bacteria are killed off D. Attachment a fluorescent antibody for detection 2. What is the difference between selective and non-selective media? A A. The fraction of cells that are injured B. The dilution necessary to see colonies grow C. Selective media is green, Non-selective can be any color D. None of the above 3. Which bacteria-derived acid is specifically important for Swiss cheese making? D A. Acetoin B. Diacetyl C. Lactic Acid D. Propionic acid 4. Which of the following is NOT a spore-former? B A. Bacillus cereus B. E. coli O157:H7 C. Clostridium botulinum D. Clostridium perfringens 5. To count, say 3.2 x 10 4 CFU of S. aureus / ml in a population of 5.3 x 107 other bacteria, it is best to use: B A. Enrichment B. Selective media C. Hurdle technology D. Standard Plate Count 6. Which of the following is defined as the process that uses heat to inactivate microorganisms that can grow in food under normal non-refrigerated conditions? A A. Commercial sterilization B. Autoclaving C. Pasteurization D. Blanching
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7. The shape of C. perfringens vegetative cells is best described as: C
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Prelim 1 2005 - Name:_ APPLIED AND FOOD MICROBIOLOGY 394...

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