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Notes 013008 - Cloning Dolly the Sheep Cats – CC Woman...

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HDFS 129 January 30, 2008 Project Plan due: March 3, 2008 Project due: April 18, 2008 2. Experimental Method A controlled procedure that can be duplicated Independent variable – experimentvariable Dependent variable – what changes, can be measured Methods of Data Collection Time as a variable 1. Longitudinal Study 2. Cross – sectional study 3. Convergence or cross sequential study Research Bias Motive of the researcher Validity Respondent honesty Ethics Balance between the quest for knowledge and the rights of the individual Privacy Informed consent Deception Data collected unethically is invalid Ethical debates Cloning
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Unformatted text preview: Cloning Dolly the Sheep Cats – CC Woman cloned her cat Genetics/Ethics James Watson Woody & Arlo Gunthrie – Huntington’s Rene Syler – Did not have breast cancer after having a history of breast cancer Holocaust experiments – starvation North Carolina Sterilization Program Eugenics – sterilization for people who appear to be genetically “inferior” – genetic defects Radioactive cereal – radiated milk – led to tumors Military – gave LSD to soldiers – psychotic episodes Placebo testing – birth control pills and sugar pills...
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