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HDFS 129 February 4, 2008 **TEST – Next Wednesday 2/13** Chapter 3 I. Heredity A. Preformation Homunculus – ancient belief about a tiny person already made before conception B. Genetics Chromosomes 46 (23 pairs) DNA C. Cell Division Mitosis – reproduction by cloning themselves 23 pairs Meiosis 23 for each cell D. Conception Sperm cells (23) + egg cells (23) = one complete 46 cells (23 pairs) E. Trait Inheritance Different info can result in: Both expressed – one green eye one blue eye Blending – dark hair and light hair making medium hair
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Dominance – brown eyes dominant over blue eyes Dominant traits – will take over Recessive traits – weaker, will be taken over by dominant traits F. Phenotype and Genotype Phenotype – observed characteristic, what is seen Genotype – genetic makeup
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Unformatted text preview: G. Inheritance of Genetic Disorders • Dominant – not common – ex. Huntington’s disease • Recessive – ex. Tay Sachs, and sickle cell anemia • Chromosomal • Sex Linked – Color blindness • Genetic Counseling More Examples of Diseases • Down Syndrome – Trisomy 21 o Baby inherits 3 of the 21 st chromosomes instead of 2 • Cystic Fibrosis – Recessive – o lungs get filled – makes it hard to breathe • Polydactyly/ Among the Old Order Amish o Extra finger • Hemophilia – Sex-Linked o Blood disorder where the blood does not clot H. Genetic Counseling • Tests may determine If a parent is a carrier If a parent has a predisposition The statistical possibility of inheritance • Test is given before pregnancy...
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Notes 020408 - G. Inheritance of Genetic Disorders •...

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