Notes 022008 - o Maternal drug use o Young mothers o...

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HDFS 129 February 20, 2008 I. The Neonate “newborn” Average newborn – 7.5 lbs A. Appearance Vernix – wax-like substance Lanugo – fine covering of hair to hold vernix Molding – plates in the head overlap a little until birth in order to fit better B. APGAR (table in book) Evaluation of newborns Done at 1 minute and at 5 minutes Second number should be 7 or above C. Brazleton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Evaluates an infant’s motor, social and cognitive development A low score indicates infant is at risk for future developmental changes D. Infant Mortality 1900 – 1 in 4 died before age 6 2006 – 1.5 in 1000 die US – 22 nd in the world in infant survival E. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – SIDS – until 1 year of age Risk Factors: o Prematurity o Low APGAR o Lack of prenatal care
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Unformatted text preview: o Maternal drug use o Young mothers o Passive smoke o Males 3:1 more likely o Bottle fed o Happens more frequently in winter months Prevention: o Putting babies to sleep on their backs o Firm mattress as opposed to soft ones F. Reflexes Mediated through the brain stem o Part of the brain that controls thought is not fully functional in newborns G. Neonatal Development Central Nervous System o Reflexes automatic response stimulated by something Sucking Rooting touch on side of mouth causes baby to open its mouth Grasp touch on palm causes baby to squeeze Moro ATNR fencing position. Arm you face is extended while other arm is flexed Startle throw hands up in reaction to something...
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Notes 022008 - o Maternal drug use o Young mothers o...

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