Centering - Centering – Five Minutes Corpse Pose Savasana...

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Unformatted text preview: Centering – Five Minutes Corpse Pose Savasana – This pose offers a multitude of calming properties as it relaxes the body while at the same time calms the mind, which relieves stress. To perform this pose one must lie on their back, eyes closed, with hands by their sides, palms facing up, while keeping the body in a very neutral position. It is important to focus on one’s breath in this position, feeling the body sink into the ground, while keeping stray thoughts out of your mind, keeping total focus on the mediation. Easy Pose Sukhasana – This pose is also a very calming pose, relaxing the mind, while at the same time it strengthens the back and stretches the knees and ankles. To transition into this pose one rolls on their sides from corpse pose, pushing themselves up with their hands as they feel comfortable, keeping the eyes closed. Then they cross their legs keeping the outsides of the feet the mat. It is important to keep the spine straight, with shoulders pressed back and everything else relaxed. Anjali Mudra – This pose has the ability to reduce stress and axiety, calm the mind, while also creating flexibility in the arms, hands, fingers and wrists. While maintaining the seated position, take your hands and put them together with your inhale. While in this pose take deep breaths and relax the mind. From here we take a final inhale and raise our hands locked together up above the head and with the exhale we relax the arms by the sides. Set Goals For the Day _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Warm-up – Ten Minutes Sun Salutation Surya Namaskar – The entire sequence of sun salutation has impressive benefits empower the whole body, strengthening the upper body, and improving flexibility in all of the limbs. Moutntain Pose Tadasana – It is the most commonly used starting position in the standing poses and provides improvements in posture and strengthening of the leg muscles. You come into this position by first spreading your feet hip width, and then focusing yourself to find the balance point by moving around until you center yourself. Forward bend Uttanasana – The benefits in this pose lie in a strengthening and stretching of the leg muscles and joints, while reducing fatigue and anxiety. From mountain pose we take a deep breath in and stretch our arms out wide swan diving forward, bending at the hips, until our hands are resting upon the ground. From here we can breathe in and come halfway up, resting hands on the shins and exhale and come down to a full bend again. Plank pose Chaturanga – Plank and chaturanga offer many benefits for the body. With both we get to enjoy a strengthening of the arms, shoulders and the spine, while toning the abs....
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Centering - Centering – Five Minutes Corpse Pose Savasana...

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