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Noris Pasic BA 304H Matt Aistrich March 29, 2007 Cunard Lines Problem Identification Currently there does not seem to be a definite problem for Cunard Lines, but they foresee that sales might decline for them with the current Marketing they have in place Cunard wants to promote its ships through more successful advertising, but at the same time they do not want to lose its overall image, which they have spent some 150 years establishing. In addition, there is a conflict of interests in whether to promote immediate sales (in the short run), or whether to focus on maintaining the luxurious and sophisticated image that is associated with the Cunard Line. Analysis of the Situation Because of the conflict in the Middle East because of the Gulf War, there has been a tremendous loss in the cruise ship market in the European and Mediterranean sector of the market. In the past Cunard has spent more time and funds on keeping their customers, and specifically seeking out their target market through direct marketing, while not promoting their line as much in the media. Cunard’s executives approximate that they have about 50% of the luxurious cruise ship market, which accounts for about 8% of the total cruise tourism market. Cunard sends direct mailings to their previous customers, and to new customers through a very
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Cunard - Noris Pasic Matt Aistrich Cunard Lines BA 304H...

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