time series - Time Series Price Output Employment Jul-00...

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Time Series Jan-00 Apr-00 Jul-00 Oct-00 Jan-01 Apr-01 Jul-01 Oct-01 Jan-02 Apr-02 Jul-02 Oct-02 Jan-03 Apr-03 Jul-03 Oct-03 Jan-04 Apr-04 Jul-04 Oct-04 Jan-05 Apr-05 Jul-05 Oct-05 Price Output Employment When looking at the time series and its corresponding data in the appendix, it is very evident that all three factors, Price, Output, and employment have constantly risen since January of 2000. Employment did drop for a little bit during the declared recession after the incident of September 11 th 2001, but has risen steadily since then. When looking at the percentage change per quarter however, one can easily see that there is far more to see than a steadily increasing rate in all three. One can see that employment line follows closely with the Output line since output and employment usually move with the GDP. Both Output and Employment dip into the negative percentages during the time of the Recession, which the United States entered as the new millennium came around. Those two factors had seriously decreased since 2000 and did not
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time series - Time Series Price Output Employment Jul-00...

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