MQM 220 Exam 2

MQM 220 Exam 2 - Chapter 5 Decision Proactive Decision...

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Chapter 5 Decision A choice among competing alternatives Proactive Decision A decision made in anticipation of an external change or other conditions; used by managers to prevent problems from developing Intuitive Decision The “gut level” feeling or belief that one course of action is better than another; not necessarily emotional or nonrational, but rather the result of unique combination of individual experience, ability, and knowledge that affords the decision maker an insight and a decision preference. Systemic Decision Making The process that requires decision makers to have a goal in mind and to use information in generating alternatives and making a logical choice among alternatives based on fact and data Rational Model A decision making model that assumes the decision maker uses a logical approach to select the best alternative to reach a decision Administrative Decision Model A model of decision making that makes realistic assumptions about the decision context and human nature; describes how people actually make decisions, not how they should make them. Bounded
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MQM 220 Exam 2 - Chapter 5 Decision Proactive Decision...

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