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LJ2 - homework that students are working on One thing that...

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Mandi McGaha LJ #2 2/21/08 Tutoring this semester has been a really great experience so far. I feel like this semester is very different from last in that I can plan things to do with the student that I work with from week to week and generally depend that he will be there. I think that being able to plan activities is really helping me get a lot out of this experience. In the past I have just showed up to tutoring and done what I was asked without ever giving it much thought after the moment I left. This semester I find myself looking for activities to do during the next tutoring day during my spare time, and hopefully I may be able to use some of these same activities when I become a teacher. While I am at tutoring I feel like I could encourage the student I work with to work with other students more. I also think that both the students and I would benefit from teaming up with other tutors that have different academics strengths than me to work on all the different types of
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Unformatted text preview: homework that students are working on. One thing that I have really learned about students so far this semester is that they do not want to sit down and do work at 3:30 after they have been working all day. I can completely understand this, but sometimes I don’t have a good reason for why they should do homework right after school than they just should because I think it’s a good idea. I have learned that teaching is not an occupation where you can learn one way to do your job. Each student I help is different and requires a different approach to completing or sometimes just starting their homework. Overall this semester is going well. I do feel like I need to continue to learn how students are all different and how I should talk to every student in order to help them achieve the highest level of success. Just a side note—Justin Ausburn does an awesome job, I honestly don’t think I have ever seen someone be so just naturally great with this age group!...
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