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Ethics Writing Assignment

Ethics Writing Assignment - The Smeal College Honor Code...

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The Smeal College Honor Code started in 2006 by students of the college. The Code basically states that the people of the Smeal College of Business will act completely ethically— no matter what the situation is. The community must maintain academic and social integrity at all times (even after graduation and in to the future). By following the Honor Code, the Smeal College of Business will be able to maintain a good name and respect in society. The Code urges to uphold the highest level of academic integrity. This ranges across a variety of different issues. Any form of cheating can be considered a “breach of contract” because it violates the Code of Honor. Academic integrity is also lost if cheating is involved; it doesn’t matter if it is on a quiz, exam, or even a written assignment. Plagiarism is another matter that goes against the Smeal College Honor Code. The Code does not only pertain to the personal level. As a Smeal student, one has the duty (and responsibility) of reporting any student in
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