PS 104- Oct 24 - Important Developments in World Affairs...

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Important Developments in World Affairs Stephen Colbert (from comedy channel) begins running for president, collecting signatures to get on South Carolina primary ballot- candidates cannot accept contributions from corporations (including money, materials, something of value); they can only accept money from individuals or political action committees. It is now illegal for him to run for president because the half hour of show time he gets a night is something of value. Chuck Norris endorses Mike Huckabee for president. There’s a joke in here somewhere. “Diaper Donors”: children as young as 2 maxing out to presidential candidates. Should be minor’s own decision -Student contributions up from #238,000 (1999) to $1.9 million (2007) LA Times/ Bloomberg Poll Clinton widening lead over Obama among Democratic primary voters: -Clinton 48% -Obama 17% Clinton leads among demographic groups that supported Obama in June. Clinton also leads all GOP candidates in potential head to head matchups (47-41 over Giuliani, 48-38 over McCain, 49038 over Thompson). GOP Issue Giuliani in front BUT: 34% of GOP primary voters would consider voting for a 3 rd party candidate, if the GOP nominee supports gay rights and abortion. PART II Organization and Participation
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We know something about the laws and institutions that define the setting Questions: -Why (and how) do people organize in order to influence policy and politics? -What shapes our political attitudes
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PS 104- Oct 24 - Important Developments in World Affairs...

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