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Research Paper Anonymous - 1 Communism and Its Downfall...

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1 Communism and Its Downfall Communism is a way of governing a country in which the state (the government) controls all parts of life. In 1947, the International Communist League asked Karl Marx to create a statement of policy for the Communist party. Marx and a man named Friedrich Engels got together and wrote The Communist Manifesto which outlined all the major thoughts behind the theory of Communism (Cohen 89). “The Manifesto is more than a program, more than an analytical and tightly woven argument: it is an impassioned plea for the union of the laboring classes” (Cohen 89). The ideas that formed the base of Communism were: the state can take property in land and collects rents in state enterprises, a progressive system of taxation, no inheritance, all property belonging to non-citizens will be taken away, the state will gain all credit through a national bank which also will be a guaranteed monopoly, the state will control all means of transportation, nationalized factories will be expanded, all people will have an equal obligation to labor, agriculture and industry will be united under common managers, and children will be taken out of the factories and given free education (Marx 29). Some of the ideas Marx came up with would actually help countries all over the world even if they did not decide to make the transformation toward the Communist utopia. The countries which had a Communist government in the year 1980 were the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Mongolia, Mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Angola, Mozambique, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yugoslavia, Albania, and Afghanistan (Harvey xviii-xix). From the formation of the Soviet Union, the Communist government was destined to collapse due to its leaders losing sight of the original goal of the socialist utopia and the idea that people need to be able to make decisions through their own free will.
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2 When Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, he set off the war which would soon be called World War II. Opposing Germany, Italy, and Japan were the countries of France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had just been formed twenty years prior and was still making the change from an aristocratic society to a Communist one. Even though, the USSR would later attempt to keep its citizens from associating in any way with the Democratic countries of the West, they could not keep their soldiers from seeing how people in the non- Communist countries lived their lives. They were allowed to own their own businesses which would not be run by the government behind the scenes. They could also make their own decisions about what to do with their day-to-day lives and were not controlled in thoughts by their government. Once the soldiers came back from the war, they wanted to try to gain the freedoms that the Western people had. Some did this by defecting from the USSR to Western Europe or the United States and still others did it by creating underground radio stations and
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Research Paper Anonymous - 1 Communism and Its Downfall...

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