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Exam III Page 2 - 5.“ Which carbocation below is the most...

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Unformatted text preview: 5;.“ Which carbocation below is the most stable? e a] 09/ 196325 Q 3.53 {.6 6.___ Can a molecule be achiral and have chiral carbons? a. yes b. no 7_._ From the reactions that we have learned so far, alkenes do not react with which of the following? ,a. acids 7 d. bases b7. electrophiles e. peroxyacids c. halogens f. carbenes 8._ The proper name for the major product of the light induced bromination of 2,2— dimethylpropane is . a. 2—bromo—2,2—dimethylpropane b. 3“bromo-Z,Z—dimethylpropane c. 1—bromo-2,2~dimethylpropane d. 4—bromo-3,2-dimethylbutane e. I~bromo—3,3ndimethylpropane 9. Which H atom in the molecule below will be most easily abstracted by a bromine radical? H H d Hb 21. Ha b. Hb C. Ho (1. Hd ' e.' He ...
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