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English 15 Course Packet, Fall 2007 Instructor: Vincent M. Wagner Section: 060 MWF 9:05-9:55 PM 101 Electrical Engineering West Email: vmw111@psu.edu Course Description The goal of this course is to help you to become an even stronger, more confident, and more flexible writer and reader. We will focus specifically upon recognizing and producing effective rhetoric. Acquiring skill in rhetoric means learning to write with a coherent sense of (1) audience, (2) purpose, and (3) cultural, historical, and ontological context. It also means learning to read (and listen) rhetorically, with a critical understanding of how others use methods of discourse. By the end of the semester, you should be better able to articulate your own ideas clearly, persuasively, and eloquently. Also, you should be better able to evaluate the quality of others’ rhetoric. Texts Ainsworth, Alan. 75 Arguments . Lunsford, Andrea A. and Ruszkiewicz. Everything’s an Argument , 4 th Edition (without readings) Strunk, William Jr. and White, E.B. The Elements of Style , 4 th Edition. Penn Statements Requirements: To pass this course you must complete the major assignments and the weekly assignments. You are also expected to attend all class meetings and to participate in draft workshops, in-class exercises, and classroom discussions. Papers must be handed in on time. Late papers will normally be docked one letter grade per day, unless you get my approval for an extension before the due date. Grades Paper 1 Ad Analysis 10% Paper 2 Comparison and Contrast 15% Paper 3 Definition 15% Paper 4 Cause-and-Consequence Analysis 15% Paper 5 Proposal 15% Paper 6 Major Revision 15% Participation 15% * Participation includes attendance, discussion, in-class writing, and group work.
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Attendance: Regular attendance is expected. Please come to every class. The course depends upon your active participation. Your grade may be lowered for poor attendance, down to and including “F.” This is University policy. Specifically, you are permitted three absences (two in a TR class). Excused absences are appropriate, but beyond that, let me repeat PSU policy ( Policies and Rules , 42-27): A student whose absences are excessive “may run the risk of receiving a lower grade or a failing grade,” whether or not some of those absences are “excused.” If you miss a class, then it is your responsibility to get assignments, complete work, and submit papers. If you are late to class on a regular basis, then your final grade might also be lowered. Office Conferences : Plan on having at least two conferences with me, as a necessary part of your participation grade. Try to have the first conference early in the course. Also, consider taking your ideas and your written work to the Undergraduate Writing Center. Plagiarism:
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English 15 Syllabus - English 15 Course Packet, Fall 2007...

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