Window on the Solid State

Window on the Solid State - 9. 3 octahedral holes present...

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Window on the Solid State 1.  a) 12      b) 2 nd  layer 2. Polonium, 6 3.  4. Unit Cell – the parallelogram defined by any two non-parallel vectors that connect points in a  space lattice Crystalline Solid – A solid composed of identical sets of atoms, ions, and/or molecules that  repeat continuously in a regular pattern until the boundary of the solid is reached.  5. R=(√3/4) 296     R= 128.17 pm 6. 4 atoms, 6 faces x ½ = 3 atoms                       8 faces x 1/8 = 1 atom 7. Two dimensions = 3     Three dimensions = 4     Tetrahedron shaped hole 8. 2 types of tetrahedron holes     1 type of octahedral holes 
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Unformatted text preview: 9. 3 octahedral holes present per anion 10. Tetrahedron hole Fraction of holes filled? 11. Yes, because Cs is completely within the unit cell and the chlorine is what is to be shared. 12. Cl atoms 13. Ca lies on lattice points, no atom in center, coordinate geometry: cations= cubic, anions= tetrahedral 14. Similar – coordinate geometry of anions are both tetrahedral Different – Coordinate geometry of cation, holes (zinc blende = tetrahedral, CaF=cubic), 4 Zn ions in unit cell, 1 F ion in unit cell 15. Geometry is Octahedron. Not considered body centered because there is more than 1 Ti ion in the Unit Cell....
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Window on the Solid State - 9. 3 octahedral holes present...

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