CRI 101 Chapter 1

CRI 101 Chapter 1 - • Post-Civil War expansion to the...

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Criminal Justice 3/30/2008 04:20:00 PM January 16 th , 2008 Criminal Justice Chapter 1 Crime and Criminal Justice The Study of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice: studies the system of law enforcement, adjudication  (Courts), an correction that is directly involved in the apprehension,  prosecution, and control of those charged wit a criminal offense. Criminology: Studies the etiology (origin), extent, and nation of crime in  society. The Criminal Justice System A loosely organized collection of agencies charged with protecting the public,  maintaining order, enforcing the law, identifying transgressors, bringing the  guilty to justice, and treating criminal behavior. The Criminal Justice Process The decision-making points from the initial investigation or arrest by police to  the … Is Crime a Recent development? Crime and violence have been common since the nation was first formed.
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Unformatted text preview: • Post-Civil War expansion to the west gave rise to crime. ← ← 1900- 1935 we saw a sustained increase in criminal activity. ← 1829 – London Metropolitan Police created. ← 1919- Establishment of the Chicago Crime Commission. ← 1931 – National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement. ← ← The modern Ear of Justice can be traced to a series of research projects beginning in th1 950s by the American Bar Association. ← ← The Criminal Justice System today • Formal social control • Informal social control. ← ← There are over 55,000 public agencies employing over 2 million people. • Three Major Components o Law Enforcement o Courts o Corrections ← ← The system costs federal, state, and local government about 165 Billion Dollars per year. • This has increased more than 300 percent since 1982....
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CRI 101 Chapter 1 - • Post-Civil War expansion to the...

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