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Summary of First Article January 22 nd , 2008 Criminal Justice Absconded Sex Offender Arrested in Sarasota Every state in America has been given their own jurisdiction when concerning sexual offenders once they are released. The state of Florida has made it mandatory for sexual offenders to register as such. In Sarasota a 38 year-old male named Michael Joseph Marchiony for failure to abide by this implemented law. Setting aside grand theft and violation of probation, Marchiony has been arrested for several charges of sexual offenses. With the toleration of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) running thin awaiting his registration, decided it was no longer
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate and arrested him. Although the other residents in his house were aware of his prior charges and had a verbal confirmation of his status as a sexual offender, he was booked because he must formally register as one. Lastly, Michael Joseph Marchiony was arrested on January 9 th , 2008 and booked in the Sarasota County Jail. For informational purposes his bond was set at $50, 000. This act via the FDLE only shows how committed Florida’s criminal justice system is in an effort to make society safer for everyone. Site:
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