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March 17 th , 2008 General Biology PowerPoint Questions 1. Explain the difference between self-fertilization and cross-fertilization. a. Self-fertilization is the process by which pollen of a given plant fertilizes the ovules of the same plant. Cross-fertilization is when the wind or animal causes pollen to land and fertilizes on another plant’s stigma. 2. When did the first land plants appear? a. First land plants appeared about 300 million years ago and were related to green algae. 3. What adaptations were necessary for plants to survive on land? a. Plants needed to adapt by developing vascular tissue and waxy cuticles.
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Unformatted text preview: Since the plants were longer living in water they had to move materials of water throughout their bodies so they developed vascular tissues. These plants also developed waxy cuticles to prevent them from drying out in the sun. 4. Where are the human gametes produced? a. Human gametes are produced in the reproductive tract. Specifically in the gonads, which in the male reproductive system is the testes and in the female reproductive system is the ovaries....
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