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February 27 th , 2008 Government and Politics Media Power: Sources of the media… The fourth branch of government o 1. Newsmaking – The power to determine what is, and what is  not, news.  What gets in, and what does not. o 2. Agenda Setting – The more you focus on something, the  more people think it is important. What is played more  frequently. Power to influence what we think. o 3. Socializing – How the media lets us view things.  o 4. Interpreting – The angle of a story. o 5. Persuasion – Usually found on your talk shows. It gives the audience what they want. Bias in The Media?
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Unformatted text preview: • 1. Liberal Bias Theory o The Media favors the Liberal point of view. o Structural Element Reporters and Editors o Attitudinal Element Ideology of journalists in general o Thomas Dye, Who’s Running America? Supports liberal bias theory 1. Ideology of network celebrities 2. Ideology of mainstream media 3. “myth of the mirror” – The media says they do this, they hold up a mirror, and tell it like it is, they show you how it is. When things go great, the media takes credit for it, but if its bad, they don’t take the blame....
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