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POS 202 AE 14 - Comparative Politics AE 14 In Women in...

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November 28, 2007 Comparative Politics AE 14 In Women in National Parliament , a table is given which has been created and organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. They received this information by the National Parliaments themselves, which means these numbers are legitimate. This chart is representative of 190 countries and is listed in descending order. These numbers are the percentages of women in the lower of single House. The information on this table consists of the Country and their rank. It also includes separately the last date of elections, the number of seats, the number of women occupying those seats, and the percent of women occupying those seats for both the Lower House and the Upper House. Countries such as Rwanda, Sweden, and Costa Rica are the highest on the list. Out of 80 seats in their lower House, Rwanda has elected 39 women, which is 48.8% of their entire House. Sweden has elected out of 349 seats, 165 women, which is 47.3% of their House. And lastly out of the three, Costa Rica has elected 22 seats out of their 57
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