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November 19, 2007 Political Science Thirteen Days (Political Science Movie) - October 1962 - Cuba Missile Crisis - Council is unsure what to do but they do know they have to get the missiles out. - “Get all the missiles, and remove Castro so this does not happen again.” - Council wanted air strikes followed by an invasion. - Kennedy = Weak - Kennedy had back pain. - October 17 th , Kennedy goes to Connecticut. - Scenario causes a blockade of Cuba. - October 18 th , they now count 40 missiles. - Missiles can now hit everywhere except for Seattle. - “Peace is unprofessional.” - Project Ortsac is Castro backwards - October 19 th , President will have a cold tomorrow. - October 20 th , President has a cold and must cancel the rest of his trip. - Blockade of Cuba is the best option. - 20 to 30 Ships are on their way to Cuba. - Quarantine will prevent more missiles from coming to Cuba, but not stop the ones
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Unformatted text preview: there.-Quarantine and Air Strike are two options.-October 21 st , 14 Congressmen have not answered back.-They can make sure they get 90% of the missiles.-October 22 nd , Kennedy will announce the nation at 7pm.-Congress did not offer unconditional support.-For a second, he wished someone else were president.-October 23 rd , Getting Soviet response. o “Freedom of the seas.”-Send in a blockade.-Quarantine will take place in the morning.-If a ship refuses, you tow them away.-You fire warning shots if they do not agree.-No shooting unless Kennedy himself orders.-If a ship does not stop, the Chief Joints of Staff will have the government “by the balls.”-Advisor tells Kennedy that the military is only trying to redeem themselves from the Bay of Pigs....
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