POS 202D Extra Credit Movie

POS 202D Extra Credit Movie - November 18, 2007 Comparative...

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November 18, 2007 Comparative Politics Rise and fall of the Soviet Union (Part 2) - Four years after the US exploded their first atomic bomb, the Soviet Union continued. - Stalin wanted nation to become as modern as the West without the free market aspect. - The government in the Soviet Union controlled most industries. - College students were required to work three days in a farm or factory so that they would still be connected to the working class. - Alas all these college kids learned was how to get drunk by noon. - Booze caused a lot of accidental deaths and murders in the USSR. - Goon is like what the west would call a mall. - The abacus was the adding machine used by producers. No machines were known. - People were not allowed to tip waiters in restaurants. - Waiters did not like this at all. - Career in the military meant a more advance life. They had better pay and had the most opportunity to progress in society. - Korea was divided by the 38 th parallel. - When foreign troops left Korea, Korea officially split. - Truman took a hard hand on Communism. o “Free nations have to be on their guard.” - United Nations started in 1944. - Jets were used to bomb and in battles. - Stalin died in 1953. - Main religion was the Orthodox Russian Christianity. - Catholicism was a distant second where it was practiced in Lithuania. o Spiritual leaders taught in secret because of free of persecution. - Freedom of religion was allowed in the USSR but they were usually taxed out of existence. -
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POS 202D Extra Credit Movie - November 18, 2007 Comparative...

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