POS 201 Bias in the Media

POS 201 Bias in the Media - making fun of they just want...

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March 10 th , 2008 Government and Politics Bias In The Media (continued) Conservative Bias Theory o Media favors conservatives o Structural Element High-Level execs have most influence Management has the most power. Advertising revenue o It’s all about making money. o Do not insult your sponsors. o Attitudinal Element Media outlets as corporate entities Other Media Theories o Sensationalism Sabato, Feeding Frenzy They don’t care to show liberal or conservative, they just  want people to watch. They don’t care about the people’s feelings that they are 
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Unformatted text preview: making fun of, they just want more viewers. Equal opportunity to be shown. o Scholars on Bias and the Media Clancy and Robinson Equal amount of representation • Liberal and Conservative Chomsky Bias is pro-institutional, nothing about ideology. Everyone wants to stay on top whether they disagree on ideological principles. Lee and Solomon Unreliable Sources • Supports Conservative Bias Theory...
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