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ITM 309 Spring, 2008 Exam One Topics: Study Guide February 4, 2008 Information Systems in Business – Chapter 1 Apple Case and Class Discussion Without the iPod, The company would have not gained such high revenue. It would be unethical to sell info because the consumer trusted iTunes with their information Apple has low consumer buying power because they have many mp3 players to choose from, and high bargaining power of suppliers because the ipod technology is unique. With the introduction of the ipod, the force they used was the threat of new entrants. Porter’s Five Forces Model Bargaining power of consumers: They are high when there is many choices to choose from and low when there are few choices to choose from. Bargaining power of suppliers: High when there are few choices, but low when there are many choices. Rivalry of competitors: Low when not competitive, high when it is competitive. Threat of New Entrants: Low when its hard to enter, high when its easy to enter. Threat of Substitutes: Porter’s Three Generic Strategies Model (when entering a new market) Broad Cost Leadership: A price that appeals to a big audience Broad Differentation: Features and price that appeals to a big audience Focused Strategy: Price or features that appeal to a target market Value Chain and Value Chain Analysis Value Chain views an organization as a series of processes, each of which adds value to the product or service for each customer. Support Value activities: Firm Infrastructure Human Resource Management Technology Development Procurement Primary Value Activities: Receive and store raw materials Make the Product or service Deliver the product or service Market and sell the product or service Service after the sale
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Business Competitive Advantages Using IT Enablers IT Can Help: Build customer-focused businesses Reengineer business processes Businesses become agile companies Create virtual companies Build knowledge-creating companies Business Processes – Tech Plug-In T12 HBR: Staple Yourself To An Order Orders fall through the cracks because with so many hand offs there is a greater probability of issues Functional Silos are processes within sectors of an organization that do not interact with
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ITM_309_Exam_One_Review - ITM 309 Spring, 2008 Exam One...

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