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ITM 309 Spring, 2008 Exam Two Topics: Review Outline - March 17, 2008 eBusiness – Chapter 3 eBay Case and Class Discussion +What Is eBay’s business model and why has it been so successful? - EBay was initially a Consumer to consumer business (C2C) its so successful because it has a community feel. +Which Type of online auctions is eBay Using? - eBay uses a Forward Auction, Highest bid wins +Which metrics would you use to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of eBay? - Exposure Metrics, Visitor Metrics, Click stream data eBusiness Models and Business Types Business to Business (B2B)- Businesses buying from and selling to each other over the Internet. -Electronic marketplace (e-marketplace) – interactive business communities providing a central market where multiple buyers and sellers can engage in e-business activities Business to Consumer (B2C)- Businesses that sells its products or services over the Internet. B2C Terms: -e-shop- A version of a retail store where customers can shop any time without leaving home. -e-mall- Consists of a number of e-shops; it serves as a gateway through which a visitor can access other e-shops. Business Types: -Brick-and-Mortar business- Physical facilities -Pure-Play business- No physical facilities -Click-and-Mortar business- both online and physical business facilities Consumer to Business (C2B)- A consumer that sells a product or service to a business over the Internet. ( is an example) Consumer to Consumer (C2C)- Sites primarily offering goods and services to assist consumers interacting with each other over the internet. C2C Communities: -Communities of interest- people interact with each other on specific topics like hobbies
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- Communities of Relations- People come together to share certain life experiences -Communities of Fantasy- People participate in imaginary environments Online Auctions -Electronic Auction (e-auction)- Sellers and buyers solicit consecutive bids from each other and prices are determined dynamically -Forward Auction- Sellers use as a selling channel to many buyers and the highest bid wins -Reverse Auction- Buyers use to purchase a product or service selecting the seller with the lowest bid. eBusiness Measurements Web site traffic analysis can include: Cookies, Click-through, Banner ad, Interactivity. Web Site Metrics: They can include: -Visitor Metrics -Exposure Metrics -Visit Metrics -Hit Metrics Click stream data tracks the exact pattern of a consumer’s navigation through a website. Ethics and Security – Chapter 4 Business Ethics Ethics- The principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people Privacy- The right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your own personal possessions, and not to be observed without your consent. Confidentiality- The assurance that messages and information are
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ITM_309_Exam_Two_Review - ITM 309 Spring 2008 Exam Two...

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