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Hamza,1 Asmaa Hamza Mrs. Brandi Griffin 7th Grade English 10 February 2017 Across Five Aprils Book report The story ‘Across Five Aprils’, written by Irene Hunt, is a story about a child whose life turned upside down because of the civil war. Set in 1861, in southern Illinois, on the Union side. As the story progresses, it shows us how the civil war affected his family, and the obstacles he had to go through. Through thick and thin, he did not panic, and Jethro was a well-behaved child. The significant characters of ‘Across Five Aprils’ are ;Jethro Creighton, Jenny Creighton, Shadrach Yale, Ross Milton, Bill Creighton, Mr. Burdow, Ellen Creighton, Matt Creighton, and Eb Creighton. All these characters had an integral part in the story. Though the story is 3rd person, Jethro is the main character, and the story follows him. The war did not only change Jethro, but his family’s way of living too. During and after the war most of the Creightons were gone, and are dead or in war. This took an
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Unformatted text preview:emotional toll on Jethro too. In the beginning of the story, it seemed a lot more positive than the ending, from the way he talked. He became less of a talkative and cheerful person, and became much quieter. The theme of 'Across Five Aprils' is not to believe without proof. The people of southern Illinois took the information without any doubts. Second is; family. In Across Five Aprils, they stayed loyal to each other till the very end.They supported each other's opinions, even if they disagreed. They tried their best to love each other and were a great family. The story 'Across Five Aprils' was very enjoyable. Though it was a sad story, it Hamza,2 was still great. It also showed us the difference of opinion and let us see from all sides. Though it was a lots of roller coasters reading it, The only thing that stayed constant was the bond of their family.. I only wish less people would have died,