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chapter 1 - The Show So Far.Republicans Mike Huckabee Wins...

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Unformatted text preview: The Show So Far...Republicans Mike Huckabee Wins: Iowa 19 delegates 1191 = "Magic Number" John McCain Wins: New Hampshire 15 delegates Mitt Romney Wins: Wyoming Michigan 46 delegates Fred Thompson=6, Ron Paul=2, Duncan Hunter=1 The Show So Far: Democrats Barack Obama Wins: Iowa 25 delegates 2025= "Magic Number" John Edwards=18 Hillary Clinton Wins: New Hampshire 24 delegates Who's Winning Who? Romney Men 4565 year olds All Over $100,000 Urban McCain Men 65 and over $50,000$100,000 Suburbs Huckabee Women 1845 year old Under $50,000 Rural Moderate Conservative Who's Winning Who? Obama Men 1845 year olds Liberal Over $100,000 Urban Clinton Women Over 60 Moderate Under $50,000 Edwards Both 3060 Conservative $50,000$100,000 Rural Suburbs POLS 206507 1/17/2007 Subject 1: The United States Constitution Just a "piece of paper," right? Privacy Patriot Act, domestic surveillance, abortion Race affirmative action, job hires, school admissions Property Rights "Eminent domain" Gun control Military actions Fights between president and Congress Immigration and Border Security Health Care Cloned meat Steroid abuse Example: National ID Cards 1. REAL ID Act Congress 2005 2. Begin implementation 2008, via drivers licenses 3. Later add national ID cards. "Security" vs. "Privacy" Initial Thoughts on U.S. Constitution I. II. Difficult circumstances at writing weather alcohol Divisive too narrow and vague: "expansionists" too broad: "strict constructionists" More important than you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MULHDLV5m94&featur III. Alternatives? I. No Constitution: Great Britain tradition common sense consensus Q.: would this work in the United States at present? II. Flawed Constitution: exSoviet Union paper rights and liberties Simple Necessity: Settle this Dilemma I. II. Government Power Washington vs. local Education, Health, Welfare Taxes Accountability--impeachment Individual Rights freedoms people need freedoms people want Constitution and Ideology 1. Libertarian: restrict government ability to restrict individual liberty (1020%) 2. Conservative: fiscal--small government social--use government (4045%) 3. Liberal: use government broadly, with checks (3540%) 4. Socialist/Social Democrat/Communist: use government broadly with few checks (<10%) 2008 Election Candidates and "Use of Government" Republicans 1. Ron Paul 2. Mitt Romney 3. Fred Thompson 4. John McCain 5. Mike Huckabee 6. Rudy Giuliani 2008 Election Candidates and "Use of Government" Democrats 1. Dennis Kucinich 2. John Edwards 3. Hillary Clinton 4. Barack Obama Devil is in the details: Interpretation Expansionists: Interpret the broadest possible meaning to every section of the Constitution. Founders wanted broad meaning Constructionists: Interpret the document literally. Founders wanted narrow, specific meaning Reasons for Division 1. 2. 3. 4. Articles of Confederation, e.g. "the original Constitution" Motives of Founders: what did they really mean? The actual language in the document. Whose job, duty, obligation, responsibility, etc. to interpret and explain the Constitution? 1. Articles of Confederation Adopted 1781 (states already had their own constitutions) no president no national court weak congress Big vs. small government argument escalates. "AntiFederalists" of yesterday, militias of today. Still an inspiration to libertarians. 2. Motives of Founders 1. SelfServing (Charles Beard, Parenti) wealthy elite, ruling class land owners, slave owners suspicious of "common folk" property over individual rights Farsighted welfare of all system of opportunities to rise individual over property rights wanted debate 2. 3. Language of the document 1. 1. 2. Compromise and Division Ideology: disagreements over civil rights, size of government, foreign policy Jefferson vs. Hamilton Hot Issues: equality of states, slavery, voting, taxes, debt, individual rights, majority vs. minority Generation Gap: Founders varied from 27 to 81. So, vagueness = division and compromise. IV. Who Interprets Constitution? James Madison: Only select few have the wisdom to understand it. Elitism--Supreme Court Thomas Jefferson: Every citizen is obligated to read and understand it. Populism--civics instruction Franklin Roosevelt: Like the Bible, too important to be left just to the priests. ...
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